Without A Net

“Everybody’s got plans, until they get hit.”- Mike Tyson

It’s a brave thing to open a business – depending entirely on one’s own ingenuity and street smarts to generate income. No safety net, no boss to go to for help, no sandbagging the numbers, or lowballing your sales goals. It can be a lonely place.

Despite all the obstacles to starting a business, millions of Americans filled with passion for their dream embark on a journey doomed to failure well over 50% of the time. And thank God they do, because they are the backbone of our economy.

We continue to witness this steady stream of entrepreneurs, which never seems to end, regardless of economic conditions. It’s those indomitable spirits who slug it out day after day to give us everything from the incandescent bulb, to the cell phone… and my personal favorite, TJ Maxx.

Okay, maybe electricity is more important than TJ Maxx, but I would look even better in my $49.99 (normally $129.99) Donna Karen sweater by candlelight.

So the next time you’re annoyed with your boss who took the leap and risked everything (home, car, savings… and maybe even a marriage) as an entrepreneur and who created jobs for you and your co-workers, perhaps you could give him or her a little slack. Remember, they took a risk on you too, plus they’re dealing with about 1000 things you never thought of, from filing tax extensions and approving capital expenditures to deciding if moving locations is the right thing while making sure the rent is paid on time… not to mention making sure you’re paid on time. So instead of criticizing, you might just want to say thank you instead.