This Ain’t Tennis Baby

In business as in life, until you get what you want the ball is ALWAYS in your court.

This happens way too often:

  • “I gave them a proposal and now the ball’s in their court.”
  • “ I sent them an email; now the ball’s in their court.”
  • “I told them what we could do so now the ball’s in their court.”

Let me help you: The ball is NEVER in their court.

If someone has the ability to give you what you want and you don’t have it yet – the ball is in your court. The ball is always in your court. Now go get what you want.

Key Takeaway:

It’s never anyone else’s responsibility to
giveyouwhat you want oreven to respond at all. It’s yours.
The responsibilityis alwaysyours.

Be compellingenough and smart enoughto show prospectshow you are the one who can help them get what they want – if only they’ll say yes.

Want to win more often? Adopt the mindset of a teenage boy. (Think about it.) Does he ask once and quit? Or does he initiate many varied interactions laden with reasons why what he is recommending is the best course of action for all involved?

Stop trying to lob the ball into their court and start doing what it takes to knock it out of the park.