Media Planning

The best media plans come from employing a disciplined approach to the entire media placement process. This process includes extensive media planning and negotiating from a position of knowledge and strength, utilizing unbiased data and direct experience working in the media world. We are can be your people on the inside who know how the sausage is made. Let us put our insider information to work giving you the advantage.

Understanding how well each element in your marketing plan achieves it’s objective is critical to maximizing ROI. Thorough invoice reconciliation and audits of ad placements, opportunities to improve advertising performance are often revealed. Through measurement and tracking, you won’t just hope your marketing is working, you’ll know it… and you’ll never pay for another misplaced spot again.


It can be powerful if done right and powerfully expensive if done wrong. Our process minimizes risk and maximizes impact for campaigns that when properly placed, can become staples of our collective psyche.

Every objective comes with a best path to completion.
Find out how to remove the uncertainty concerning radio stations, dayparts, sponsorships, live reads, demographics and psychographics and decide if radio is part of that path for you.

Print can have enormous power when words and images converge with impact upon the heart.

Less is almost always more. It’s about what to leave out as much as anything else. We help you avoid the temptation of including everything. Let us put a little mystery and intrigue to work for you.


You’ve got 5.3 seconds to engage. If you buy outdoor, you’ve got to make it count.

We put you where you need to be seen – how you need to seen. That’s what it’s all about.

Sound simple? Not so much.