Fear Forward

“What motivated me towards success? I was afraid failure would mean I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent.”

Last month I had the pleasure of seeing Duff Goldman speak at the University of MIssouri. Now most would not imagine the Food Network celeb as an eloquent or profound speaker, but I was quite impressed with what Chef Duff had to say.

He spoke about how his career was never limited by, but instead motivate by, fear. How every time he needed to make a big leap, he focused on what would happen if he didn’t try, as opposed to what would happen if he tried and failed. I found this approach both enlightening and invigorating.

I once heard another speaker say that what allowed him the courage to make leaps in his career was that he was never afraid to go back to eating peanut butter and jelly. This logic helped me greatly when I had to make the decision of whether to leave my position at an established company, or take a chance with a brand new company which would allow me to be one of the “architects”. Five years later, I’m glad I was not afraid to lose.

When is the last time you let your fear hold you back? How can you reassess that fear to allow it to power you forward instead? Within all of us it the power to control our own destiny. Those who succeed have foud a way t overcome fear and take that control. What will your rewards look like on the other side?