Experience is Everything

Gone are the days of product as king. No longer does a listing of features and benefits do the job. Today’s consumer craves experience, and nothing less will do.

I just returned from spending several days at the ultimate manufacturer of experience. An extraordinary place where experience permeates the air and brand is ingrained at every turn – from the pat of butter I spread on my toast in the morning (yes, I took as short sabbatical from my Paleo lifestyle), to the wine I sipped with new found friends, to the mint on my pillow at the end of the day. Providing a magical experience drove every action and brand emanated from each employee… or each cast member, I should say.  By now you realize I am talking about Disney. Yes, Disney provides experience better than anyone on earth.

It was all started by a man who was fired by the Kansas City Star for lacking imagination and having no good ideas. Never let anyone else define you. You and you alone decide who you are and what you were meant to do.

Walt Disney didn’t believe his editor, and today the Disney company employs over 166,000 artists, engineers, innovators and cast members who deliver the ultimate magical experience to millions. What experience are you meant to deliver?