Clean the House Before the Party

You’re planning a summer BBQ for friends. The invitations have been sent and now it is time to prepare for the party. Most people take a little extra care cleaning the house. You may want to put up some decorations. You’re certainly going to purchase the food and probably do some preparation prior to the first guest’s arrival. Perhaps you have built a particular play list, and maybe you even have some fun, outdoor games to set up. Whatever your plans, you have a pretty good idea of how the party will go, and likely so do your guests. Their level of enjoyment of your event rests largely on how well you met their expectations, and this will also weigh into their decision when you invite them back.

It’s the same with your company brand and the brand experience. Your brand sets clients’ expectations of the experience they will have doing business with you. And every single touch they have with you formulates that experience.

You wouldn’t tell your guests to join you for burgers and then serve them fish, would you? So why would you promise exceptional customer service to your clients (or anything else), but not put the training and metrics in place to make sure that your associates are delivering? Every. Single. Time.

Many business owners don’t want to make the time and/or investment in a good branding process. And yet we all have weekly, if not daily, experiences where our expectations of doing business are not met. It’s time to ask yourself these questions:

1) What is the customer experience with my business, product or service?
2) Is that experience unique or is it the same things my competitors deliver?
3) How have I communicated that experience to my associates?
4) How will I continue to reinforce it?
5) When was the last time I measured the delivery of our promises?
6) What sort of feedback do I regularly solicit from my customers?
7) Have I taken the time to insure that every touch point with my company is in alignment with my brand?
8) What do we do better than any other competitor in the market, and how do I know?
9) Where are the opportunities to do better?

And there are many, many more.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, there are likely some elements of your brand and brand experience that could be improved. And if your business is doing really well, this is the best possible time to make the investment in a branding process, in order to position yourself for continued, long-term success.

You wouldn’t invite your friends over to a dirty house. It’s time to clean the house.