Clarity is Power. Power that can rock the world.

I was surprised at how deeply the passing of legendary singer, songwriter, musician and Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey has had upon me. As I watched the documentary, History of the Eagles this past week, I witnessed the power of clarity in a new light.

Experiencing a Beatles concert at age 16 had a profound effect on Glenn. In one defining moment, he decided that is what he wanted to be, and from that night forward he began his unwavering pursuit of it.

Knowing who you are and what you are meant to be is the most powerful thing one can possess. It is the foundation of, and springboard to a fulfilling life, while indecision is poison to the heart and death to a dream.

Glenn did more than dream – he did the work. He made the connections, found the role models and sought out a mentor.  He moved across the country, located his tribe, and teamed with a partner who together created some of the most beloved songs of a generation… and then some. He practiced the guitar, but more importantly, he practiced who he was to be.

Don Henley called him the spark plug, the man with the plan, the reason for the Eagles existence, and brother. Why? Because he decided exactly what it was he wanted, and did what it took to make it happen.

I’m so very glad he did.