Powerfully Positioning Your Brand

Brand building is not simple, but it is powerful. A brand is actually a living, complex organism. Brands must stand for something. They must be built on a foundation and idea that supports the product or service in various ways. … Continue reading

Experience is Everything

Gone are the days of product as king. No longer does a listing of features and benefits do the job. Today’s consumer craves experience, and nothing less will do. I just returned from spending several days at the ultimate manufacturer … Continue reading

3 Sides Of A Great Brand

Top quality brands are based on the time, work and sweat put into developing them. Side 1: The Brand Promise. This is the focused answer to the customer-based question, “if I engage in a relationship with you, what can I … Continue reading

Distinctive Impact Or Utility?

If the lights in your home come on when you flip the switch, do you really care where the electricity comes from? If the water comes out when you turn the faucet, do you really care where the water comes … Continue reading

Clarity is Power. Power that can rock the world.

I was surprised at how deeply the passing of legendary singer, songwriter, musician and Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey has had upon me. As I watched the documentary, History of the Eagles this past week, I witnessed the power of clarity … Continue reading

Great Customer Service Equals Success

Everyone should be an expert in customer service. Customer Service skills are used in just about every job and career. Sometimes, people fall into the trap of feeling as if they don’t have to learn customer service skills because they … Continue reading

The Good, The Bad & The Smugly

“I’ve come to realize that the contemporary creative culture is not generating the best possible outcome.” – Elizabeth Gilbert I attended a political breakfast not long ago, where one of the seasoned politicians was speaking glowingly of a young representative from … Continue reading

Marketing is Not an Opinion

written by Ann Marie Richards “Opinion had caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.” ~Voltaire Do you think you could you walk into an operating room during brain surgery and take over having never attended medical … Continue reading

Without A Net

“Everybody’s got plans, until they get hit.”- Mike Tyson It’s a brave thing to open a business – depending entirely on one’s own ingenuity and street smarts to generate income. No safety net, no boss to go to for help, … Continue reading

Creative = Work

Throughout my decades in business, marketing, writing and church work, I’ve seen the word creative thrown around a lot, often as an excuse to avoid rules, evade work and sidestep standards, or as a reason for refusing instruction by claiming creativity is all free flowing and different for everyone, having no principles, guidelines or rules, and therefore cannot be taught. … Continue reading