Are you sure? Are you??

“Let others determine your worth, and you’re already lost.”

– Peter V. Brett

It amazes me how some people sabotage themselves. I guess it all goes back to confidence, self-image and doing it to yourself before someone else can – all to save face.

When you present to a client, ask yourself if you have offered the best recommendation, best product and best work. If the answer is yes, present and shut-up! If not, you shouldn’t be there in the first place.

I have attended meetings where a product is presented and the client excitedly says, “I like it!” to which the presenter said, “You do?”

Before presenting to a client, you had better be sure you’re offering work of excellence based on solid strategy. If you don’t know, find out. Once you understand it’s quality work, do whatever it takes to get comfortable presenting with confidence. Practice in front of a mirror, role play with colleagues, present to your dog if you have to – whatever it takes. You must prepare for the heat of the moment so you can resist the needy appeals for reassurance and ego stokes disguised as concern for the client.

Once you get buy-in, move on to implementation immediately – I don’t care how much you like to hear yourself talk. The extra dialogue is doing a disservice to your co-workers, your employers and your client.

Please know my intention is not to be hurtful, quite the opposite. We all have areas to work on; yet sometimes it takes a jolt of truth – straight up no chaser – to get your attention. Behavior that has gone unnoticed or been explained away, you can now face and become the better for it.