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What makes working with our team different? We have the passion, we have the skill, we have the experience, but what makes us really different is the science. It's understanding the psychology behind why people do what they do. We take it beyond opinion into neuroscience.

It's not about us. It's not even about our clients, not completely anyway. it's about our clients' clients. It's about how they think and what they feel. We can tap into that.

We can put your brand in their heart. Let us show you how you can be the first one they think of and the only one they choose.

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Ann Marie Richards
Senior Partner

Ann Marie specializes in the creative aspects of marketing. She determines the best ways to visually represent your company's identity in the marketplace. The majority of her time involves developing high-level concepts for writing and design projects. With an eye for the aesthetic, Ann Marie is always on top of fresh and stimulating ways to grab the attention of consumers. She focuses on commercial concepts, script writing, design and most importantly understanding client needs.

Ann Marie possesses 16 years combined experience in writing, design and marketing strategy with both broadcast and print media. Her proficiency in differing mediums enables Ann Marie to write and produce successful ads enticing viewers, listeners and readers. Clients in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois in varying industries have all benefited from Ann Marie's talents.

A four-time graduate of the Wizard Academy Advertising and Communications school, in Austin, Texas, she has received degrees in Advanced Wordsmithing, Message Development, Branding, Calculating Ad Budgets and Business Topology. She also participated in three months of intensive study of "How to Write Powerfully and Clearly."

Being involved in the community is important to Ann Marie. She is a founding member of The Revolution non-denominational church in Columbia, Missouri and on the Communications Committee of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She is also involved in the Columbia Chamber of Commerce and Women's Network, the largest division of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.